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HP Technical Service

Welcome to Maksimum Computing, a Professional Service Provider for post-warranty HP computers.

Free Shipping

Nearest service point cargo station. Contact us to send your defective product free by cargo …

HP Check UP

Now the general maintenance service for HP computers from repairs is free ..!




With all technical repairs and spare part sales up to 1 year of certified warranty, we are serving to TSE HYB standards.

Express Service

In our service, the screen, the battery and the keyboard can be changed within the same day.

Payment Convenience

For your products that have been repaired, you can pay in cash by cash, credit card or wire transfer and cash in the door by cargo.

Free Shipping

The closest service point is the cargo branches. Please contact our company to send your defective HP products to our service from all over Turkey.

HP Upgrade

We are upgrading your HP computers over 3 years of age with a hardware maintenance and performance upgrade (CPU, Hdd, Memory) after professional analysis!

VIP Service

If your time is more important than money, you can request repair at your local HP VIP service.

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